Fanta don’t stop!


Many of us have been speculating for at least the last 20 years as to why periodical comics are still being published. The only reason that I’ve been able to come up with is [it] keeps the brand in front of people, DC and Marvel. And that’s why they crank out these comics that really don’t make any money. And Marvel being owned by Disney and DC being owned by AT&T, they have enough money to crank out these comics and if they don’t make money, lose a little money, or make a tiny profit they don’t really care. It’s this sort of break even arm of a larger corporation. That’s a theory. It’s a tremendous amount of work to keep this brand in front of a dwindling audience of aging fans, a minuscule number versus people who see the movies, which is where the money is.Gary Groth da editora Fantagraphics.

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