Where to, Marie? Stories of Feminisms in Lebanon

Our comic, “Where to, Marie?: Stories of Feminisms in Lebanon”, seeks to showcase the evolution of the feminist movements in Lebanon over the course of the century through four fictional personal narratives. These stories are based on a research carried out between 2010 and 2015, which included interviews with feminist actors of different generations. In addition to the experiences lived and witnessed by the authors of this book. Other sources such as archival photographs, films, books, and articles regarding feminism(s) and social movements in Lebanon also informed the art and text.We hope that this colorful and sometimes dark work will spark curiosity and passion about a movement that is intrinsically tied to the wider and ongoing struggles in Lebanon, the region, and the world.

Script: Bernadette Daou & Yazan Al-Saadi

English Translation: Lina Mounter


Razan Wehbi (The Meeting & The Flood)

Rawand Issa (Marie’s Story)

Tracy Chahwan (Nidal’s Story)

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